Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011. Are things gonna change for the better?

salam everybody. hopefully uools still remember me. huhu. malas mode took over my whole body these past months and altho i'm still on holidays, things are often getting out of hands therefore made me lazy to update the blog. fret not. my new resolutions for the new year include updating my blog frequently. this is becoz i managed to bloghopping yesterday nite, and there are many interesting blogs tht inspire me to keep on posting. i hope this habit will stay long and not justanother angan2 taik ayam phase plak. ;p

List of things that have changed for the better:

1. i started driving during my holidays and the credit goes to my big bro becoz he accompanied me and was by my side without fail. :)
2. we welcomed a new baby white vivah. i want to call her Snow White. ♥
3. going to the gym and eating healthier.
4. trying new style of wearing hijjab and thanx to all the awesome bloggers out there who gave out free tutorials. me likey.

* Happy New Year everyone and do wait for the new post.

Monday, September 27, 2010

my gf's a gumiho

okay guys. this post is to spread my love for MGG drama which i had the chance to watch til ep12 last weekend. imagine this, i didn't buy my things that i need just bcoz of this drama. the cuteness is just too addicting and the leads are all so perfect. shin min ah has always been one of my fav actress so watching her acting this adorable, gullible and lively character of gumiho just makes me love her more. seriously she's the best! jjang & daebak! i cant imagine other actress playing this role o/than her. :) hoi hoi couple is the best. her and LSG just form this amazing & flawless chemistry and all their scenes are my fav. i'm not lying! teehee..

then came another reason on why i think this drama is gonna be my fav more than U're Beautiful is becoz the 2nd hero is just hot, smexy and a fox hunter! he is so sexy in a mysterious way and i hope he's gonna be one of the main guy someday. he deserves it. he's no minwoo.. he was a Trax member once and pulled the plug saying he wants to pursue acting career. wosh, he's talented in music & just so good in acting. triple aces ya! cant wait for upcoming eps so here are some of pixs to beautify this post more. ♥ ♥

superduper sweet moment of Hoi Hoi couple! i ♥ them together, date in real life, plz!
aww.. my heart is aching for this guy.. this is a scene after he found out tht
gumiho is from the same descendant as his 1st love.. now he cant let anything happen to her.
one of many fav moments i ♥ from this drama. SMA/s pervy face is so flawless! haha

Sunday, September 26, 2010

low low low

it's not that i don't want to bring more posts here but u know what. connection in U.I.A just fall from low to just being a poop 24/7. it's hard to get good connection there like before. it's not improving dear. it's just plain stupid. this post is entirely to criticize the connection so forgive me for being blunt. fact is fact and u cannot run away from it.

now i can breath and show my happiness coz yes i'm happy and i just realized that i had made a fool out of myself before for not being active in LJ coz LJ brings smile to my face and it has always been there when i needed creativity.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

it's not tht i dont love my body just the way it is, but the lower part of my body is quite chubby. so there i said it.
i'll be hitting the gym again soon! yippie!~ :)

cute and kawaii!~

this post is to menunjuk my new cute stuff i bought at the newest Mr. DIY shop @ Selayang Mall.
seyesly, brg2 amat murah & mnarik perhatian okay. rasa nk amik sume je yg ade kat kedai tu tp duit tarak jd beli pe yg rasa mmg xleh blah nk kena ade jugak! haha. guna duit raya taw. jgn mare.. :)

my new pencil box. cute right? be very jealous ok! haha
seriously i just love the cuteness of this apron. ♥
not related to the topic but the environment makes me feel like i'm in Japan. LOL

sister's gonna fly!~

my sister aka akk nana is gonna fly to Japan tomorrow for her meeting which means she's gonna be superrr bz w work but becoz she's the greatest sister eva she promised me tht she's gonna buy me a new hair coloring product from Japan which i hinted to her earlier tht i wanna try it. she's gonna buy it if the product is cheaper there than here. okay2.. tq sis! then i made her to snap a pix or more if she could find/stumble upon poster of shojou jidai in japan! haha hopefully she is fated to come across the poster. LOL. :)

btw: congratz again for ur engagement dear, u deserve the very best.

have a safe journey my dear sis! ♥

raya sakan

okay. sorry again for my lack of updates. nothing much happened but a couple of days before i held an open house which means cooking and eating together w my closest friends and family. penat lelah memasak n tup tup byk yg dtg. alhamdulillah.. steamboat w tomyam, spageti & mee soto. tq for those who came mmeriahkan suasana hari raya. rakan2 ku zmn kanak2 ribena pown dtg beraya. sonok sgt. pastu g braya jap umah atikah tarmizi and balqis. double the happiness!~

jom layan gmbr2.. :)