Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011. Are things gonna change for the better?

salam everybody. hopefully uools still remember me. huhu. malas mode took over my whole body these past months and altho i'm still on holidays, things are often getting out of hands therefore made me lazy to update the blog. fret not. my new resolutions for the new year include updating my blog frequently. this is becoz i managed to bloghopping yesterday nite, and there are many interesting blogs tht inspire me to keep on posting. i hope this habit will stay long and not justanother angan2 taik ayam phase plak. ;p

List of things that have changed for the better:

1. i started driving during my holidays and the credit goes to my big bro becoz he accompanied me and was by my side without fail. :)
2. we welcomed a new baby white vivah. i want to call her Snow White. ♥
3. going to the gym and eating healthier.
4. trying new style of wearing hijjab and thanx to all the awesome bloggers out there who gave out free tutorials. me likey.

* Happy New Year everyone and do wait for the new post.

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  1. of course things gonna change for the better....ur sis here mana penah luper kan u... hahahha... well ... sesama la kte akan rajinkan diri updating blog... ;) ... ble akak nak naik snow white lgik??


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